"Justin & Armando offer a variety of incredible inspirational and educational ebooks and workshops at The Photo Frontier.  They are extremely personable, friendly and knowledgeable photographers that I strongly recommending learning from.  To top it off, the team has created amazing sets of Lightroom presets that can help take a photograph to the next level.  You can not go wrong exploring your photo frontier with The Photo Frontier."

- Scott Wyden Kivowitz


"Although I consider myself a “seasoned” photographer, I’m always open to learning new things. Your Workshop was well worth the price of admission. Thanks for a great workshop!"

-Robert C.


"The best thing you can do with Justin and Armando is go on a photo adventure with them. I've done that and it's pretty awesome. But they also excel at teaching, taking and creating photos, writing photobooks, telling stories with images, and building Lightroom presets. And if you need any of those things, you'd be hard pressed to find a better experience, a better product, or a better deal than what they provide at The Photo Frontier."

-Mark Garbowski