Area 51

$ 5.00

As part of our expedition presets, the 'Area 51' preset pack has its origins in the now famous #Expedition51 's quest for truth. 

"Expedition 51 required the team to venture deep into the most remote regions of the Nevada desert. It wasn’t until the team returned from the expedition that they were able to reveal the target locations. The once secret locations, are now known as Pioche NV, Rachel NV and Area 15. #Expedition51 was led by MUFON certified researcher, Nate Cowlishaw. The expedition took the team to through various ghost towns and eventually ended at the secured gates of Area 51. The expedition had three goals 1) document the suspected haunting in room #10 of the Overland Hotel 2) prove the existence of alien life 3) survive both encounters. The following is the official field report and visual record from Expedition 51."

Although the findings of the expedition are still inconclusive,  what we experienced is the inspiration for these presets.  

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  • Lightroom 5/6
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