LR1: Starting with Lightroom - The Library

$ 99.00

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful program that can both manage your photo assets and develop them. They key to getting the most out of Lightroom is first mastering the Catalog and learning how to utilize its organizational features. In this class you’ll learn the basic workflow from importing, to rating and filtering your images with metadata so you can find the exact photo you want to develop in your library of images. You’ll learn how to rename files, search for photos with metadata, keywords, as well as GPS location. Organizing your large volume of photos is crucial so you’ll learn how to use Collections so you can find your important photos fast. Once you understand how to import, organize and manage your photo assets you’ll be ready for the next class to work on your photos in the Develop module.

Suggested requirements: Understanding the basics of your computer and having a good knowledge of how to manage and find files on your drive. If you want the complete Lightroom workflow, I suggest beginning with Starting with Lightroom - The Library then taking Lightroom Develop Basics.

Topics covered:

Overview of Lightroom Workflow

Understanding the Catalog

Overview of Lightroom Interface

Importing & Exporting Photos

DNG format

Organizing files on your drive

Working with Collections

Filtering your photos

Rating your photos

Using  the Compare & Survey modes


Using Metadata and keywords

Sorting and finding your images

Creating Metadata Presets

Backing up your files

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