LR2: Lightroom Develop Basics

$ 99.00

Once you have your photos organized in the Library, its time to make them shine in the Develop module. We all want to make our photos look incredible and Lightroom has the power to turn your RAW images into a great looking photo. In this class we’ll walk you through the Basics of developing your photos covering white balance, exposure settings, color, and the best way to make black and white photos. 

You’ll also learn more tools in Lightroom like Virtual Copies, Spot Removal, the Crop tool, and we’ll show you how to process hundreds of photos at once by syncing your develop settings to selected photos. In the end we’ll cover all the Exporting options we have so you can get those great looking photos printed or posted to your favorite website.

Included in this class, you’ll have lab time to work with our Lightroom expert so you can work on your photos and get expert opinion as to how to best develop them.

Suggested requirements: Understanding the basics of Lightroom is crucial. You should have good knowledge of how to manage and find your photo assets in Lightroom. Its highly suggested taking, Starting with Lightroom - The Library before taking this class but it’s not required.

Topics covered:


Understanding the Histogram

Overview of Basic developing


Black and White

Virtual Copies

Spot Removal



Syncing Develop Settings

Monitor Calibration & Profiles

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